Mother Teresa

"If you want to change the world go home and love your family."

I wasn't in the photographs...

And it never really bothered me until after we lost my grandfather. I was putting together an album of family photos on our time with him and I realized, the last time we were all together I organized family portraits with all of our extended family, but I wasn't in a single one.

We've all had moments when down the road we are reminiscing on a season of life or a special event or family gathering, and we realize the only captured moment of us is that we were the ones taking the photos.

I've made peace with this and now it is a part of what drives my love for family photography!

I want you to have beautiful memories of your family and extended family in every season of your life.
From Maternity portraits with your husband to newborn portraits of your precious, sweet, baby, & your littles.

I want you to be in the photographs
so that down the road when your children aren't so small, both you and they will be able to look back and relish the memory of that season with the people you love!